Unleash the power of full-stack, agile development teams. Zero overheads. Embrace maximum flexibility and embrace on-time delivery.


Staff Augmentation Teams

Our readily available teams are here to meet your business's spontaneous needs. We offer exceptionally skilled developers who adhere to industry-best coding practices and proven methodologies


Product Development

Our devoted full-stack team offers holistic solutions for your product development needs. With exceptional adaptability, our developers seamlessly align with your evolving priorities.


Support Teams

Our support teams ensure comprehensive maintenance and expertise in guiding your product through stable releases, incorporating new functionalities.


QA, BA & PM Teams

Our testing teams cater to enterprises and large-scale businesses. Our skilled engineers excel in manual and automated testing.


Benefits of Our Remote Development Teams

Authorised Cloud Partners

Harness the power of AWS,GCP,& Azure with our authorized partnerships.

Benefit from scalable,flexible,& reliable cloud services tailored to your needs.

Rely on our certified experts to architect,deploy,& optimize your cloud infrastructure for optimal performance.

Dedicated Remote Teams

Build your dedicated remote team with Flair IT Solutions, ensuring a seamless extension of your organization.

Experience the benefits of a virtual IT workforce, providing scalability, flexibility, &cost-efficiency.

Let our remote workforce management expertise empower your business with productivity & efficiency.

Global IT Resource Provider

Flair IT Solutions is your global IT resource provider, catering to clients worldwide.

Explore our IT project outsourcing services to leverage global talent &enhance your capabilities.

Trust our expertise in global IT recruitment &offshore development talent to find the best resources for your projects.

Remote IT Staffing & Consulting

Streamline your operations with our remote IT project staffing &staff augmentation services.

Leverage our remote IT consulting expertise to optimize your technology strategies &achieve your business goals.

Access our extensive e-talent network to find the right professionals for your specific project requirements.

Comprehensive IT Services

From remote software development &full-stack development to IT consulting, we offer a wide range of services.

Benefit from our affordable remote MVP development solutions tailored to meet your budget &requirements.

Secure the expertise of our personal &dedicated remote developers for focused attention on your projects.

Remote Startup MVP Development

Fuel your startup's success with our remote startup MVP development services.

Experience cost-effective &reliable solutions designed to bring your innovative ideas to life.

Ignite your startup's journey with us.

Trust our team of experts who have a proven track record in delivering outstanding results for startups.

Valued Partners

Delivering Excellence with 1200+ Satisfied Customers


Our Software Development Expertise

We are a custom software development company with a portfolio of services and technology solutions that maximize your business potential and deliver the best outcomes.

Software Product Engineering

We engineer cost-effective IT products and end-to-end enterprise software that drive business profitability and maximize growth.

Artificial Intelligence Development

Our experienced AI professionals build solutions that bring a new & digital perspective on how your organization is managed today.

Machine Learning Development

We build data-driven machine learning solutions to solve complex business challenges and derive intelligent insights to make smart decisions.

Cloud Services - AWS

We offer complete cloud application deployment using Amazon Web Services to help you scale and expand your operations.

Web Application Development

We develop custom web applications that provide a smooth user experience and build applications ranging from CMS to freight forwarding solutions.

Mobile Application Development

Our mobile app developers are experts in both Android and iOS to help you scale your business on both the platforms and maximize your reach.

Robotic Process Automation Development

We help to automate your mundane operations so that your team can focus on tasks that create a long-lasting impact on the business.

DevOps Consulting Development

Our DevOps experts help to reduce the failure rate of new app releases, simplify processes, automate integration, and augment the delivery of apps.

Our Technology Stack

How do we make you lead? By working with the latest tools and technologies in the industry.

Ruby On Rails

A rapid web application development framework.


The most preferred language for developing Machine Learning solutions.

React Native

A cross platform mobile application development framework


High performance backend Javascript code.


A powerful frontend technology.


World's most used mobile app platform by digital enterprises.


Fast & Powerful iOS Development.


Web development framework with elegant syntax capabilities.


Programming language with fewer implementation dependencies


Framework for versatile software development

Mastering Optimal Coding Techniques

We prioritize impeccable coding techniques and best practices to enhance manageability and scalability. Our team diligently conducts thorough code reviews after each user story.

Through these reviews and our rigorous quality assurance process, we never compromise on your application's development. We consistently assign appropriate names to objects and classes and provide meticulous comments for every code segment.

Privacy & Legal Agreements

We respect your desire for complete ownership and control over the intellectual property (IP) necessary for your company's operations. Rest assured, any custom development we undertake ensures that the IP rights belong solely to you.

To ensure the utmost security and confidentiality of your sensitive information, we prioritize the signing of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with our valued customers. This agreement serves as a safeguard to protect your data and maintain strict confidentiality.

Stringent QA Standards

We emphasize achieving accuracy in the first attempt. Therefore, our QA specialists actively engage at each stage of product development.

They meticulously review the requirements to identify any gaps, provide code examination support during development, and critically assess the final product.

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