Real estate websites and mobile applications

For an industry always so high on trends, real estate companies and brands find it hard to catch up with the ever-changing consumers. It’s crucial thus that they build a digital presence that easily evolves with the transforming real estate industry. Flair delights in real estate because it gives us ample scope to play with our creative palette while also charming your customers in the process.

What do you need?

You may need a real estate responsive website or a mobile application that aggregates information on real estate. Or you may be looking for a combination of both in order to expand the access of your brand among your customers. Or you may need a completely unique solution for your demographic. We can build it for you.

What can we offer you in real estate?
Experienced real estate application team

Flair understands real estate industry deeply due to our first-hand experience of developing digital real estate solutions for the last eight years for some of the most trusted industry names.

Trends-worthy application

From card layouts to flat designs or HD display showcase, Flair has a rich experience of designing real estate web applications that follow trends yet stand out to attract more customers.

Customer-specific real estate solutions

Real estate customers are difficult because it’s a capital intensive investment. We approach any real estate application or product with our deep understanding of user demographic.

Clutter-free web/mobile app

There’s so much to say and showcase in real estate that you may end up overwhelming your customers. At Flair, you will get a web or mobile application that’s easy to navigate and doesn’t repel your visitors. Your customers will scroll more, click less so they find it easier to make a buying decision.

Do you wish your real estate showcase to stand out?