Build sticky mobile apps that charm your customers

Do your users need the mobile app you have conceived? What’s the formula for making your mobile app work? Will your mobile app address the problems of your users? Will your mobile app sell? Or will it fail?
We live in a Mobile App Economy where 80% of apps fail while consumers don’t give most apps a second chance. At Flair, we address these problems confidently and ensure that your mobile app makes it big.

What are your typical mobile app problems
Mobile app has no real utility
App has useless functionality
My in-house developers can’t do much on the app
Which platform is better - iOS or Android
Users get annoyed due to bugs
How do we solve these problems
Optimization of mobile app
Need-based platform selection
User-centric interface and utility
Rigorous testing across devices
What does Flair do differently?
We focus on consistent UX

What if your mobile app got 1,000 users initially but when it reached 10k users, the application crashed? That’s why we emphasise so much on optimization of your mobile app right from the time of development. We take a user-centric approach to ascertain the app takes least amount of time to load and process information. We create a complete mobile experience for your customers.

Testing across devices

Your mobile app would look and feel the same on various devices. Using our mobile testing infrastructure containing 30+ kinds of devices, our uncompromising QA experts and testers check and cross check how your app looks, feels and works on various screens and resolutions.

Quick turnaround

In the world of mobile apps, business goals and focus change rapidly, market turns quickly. We are your mobile app partners who ascertain market conditions and adapt to changes quickly while delivering the final application fast.

Platform expertise

Whatever is your field, your mobile application will be released on a platform that’s most ROI-focused. Be it native apps, cross-platform native apps or multi-platform hybrid apps - our team has handled, executed and released winning applications.

SDK development for OEMs

If you are an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) with a complicated app need, Flair has the requisite skill to integrate machines with applications. You get a solid ROI as we help in cutting down your overall development cost since our team has successfully pulled off apps for machine integration in the past.

  • iOS Development
    How do you survive the tough App Store? Through our relentless iOS development processes that never fail. Our stunning mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple watch have won competitive user ratings. We know how to navigate into the Apple Ecosystem.
  • Android Development
    How does your mobile app cut the competition in a vast Android world? The ever-changing Android updates don’t deter our skilled developers despite the various software and hardware fragmentation. We know how to make your Android application become most wanted.
  • Hybrid Development
    If cost-effective and useful mobile application is your need, hybrid is the answer. Your need is our goal. Hybrid mobile apps are built with a combination of web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. One code building multi-platform apps have successfully solved problems of many businesses.

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