Get a free reign, it’s your application

How do you track audits or changes on your application? Does your content editor limit you? Do you keep coming back to your developer often? Do your technical people feel locked down?

We address these questions keeping YOU in mind.

What are your typical CMS problems
Reusing the content is a nightmare
My staff cannot manage my application
My in-house developers can’t do much on the app
I want automated payment checkout process
How do we solve these problems
Smooth reuse and version control
Intuitive app allows endless cataloguing
Relevant functionality for developers
Hassle-free content management
What does Flair do differently?
Simplicity is the sophistication

When it comes to CMS development for you, simplicity is our goal. In case of custom development of any application, we ensure that the going doesn’t get tough for you. We get ourselves in your shoes to see how a CMS would feel like while using.

Updates without interference

Your existing application would remain undisturbed as we go about doing the customizations and updates. We approach customization with maturity owing to the years of trials, errors and methodologies we have experienced in CMS.

Less turnaround time

You get CMS solutions in less time since we build on our years of expertise and knowledge in this area. We can understand your problem faster and deliver it quickly without compromising on quality standards.

A friend in need

When we build solutions, we like to see them work for you. We never ever leave you. Our team is always around for handholding, technical support or any help even after we have delivered your project.

Check out our CMS solutions
We offer CMS Solutions in -
Installation/Maintenance/Upgrade, Theme customization and development, Plugin development
Installation/Maintenance/Upgrade, Skin Development, Module Development
Installation/Maintenance/Upgrade, Custom Development, Webpart and Widget Development

Got a pressing CMS problem?

You may talk to our sales consultant today on how you can get started. Problem reusing content? We will tell you how to do it.
Trouble in retaining old content? We build an easy yet effective solution for you.