Flair IT was founded by two engineers who were united with a common passion for transformative technologies. Today, they lead a team of 45+ people and constantly challenge them to do better in order to please today’s consumer.

Sourabh Bhandari
Sourabh Bhandari
Managing Director (IT)
With an extensive IT experience, Saurabh is a mobile enthusiast who deeply understands the mobile economy. With a first-hand expertise in CRM, ERP, Web Services, Distributed Computing, and Web Optimization, he steers business development, and project management at Flair.
Sidhartha Kukreja
Sidhartha Kukreja
Managing Director (BD)
With a rich experience of working with stalwarts such as HP, IBM, Microsoft among others, Sidhartha brings in sharp strategic understanding to Flair IT. He is a customer-centric person who drives operational initiatives to accelerate growth. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering.
What drives our team?

We work with a team of initiated individuals who are extremely meticulous in their craft and ambitious for bringing about a change through technology.

Values that drive our team
  • Technology curious

    Our people feel charged when they explore how technology solves complex problems.

  • Customer conscious

    We approach design single-handedly in order to charm your end customers. There’s no better motivation.

  • Industry agnostic

    We have no favourites and we approach each domain, industry or sector with equal elan and attention. This makes us a diversified team of talents.

  • Classy

    We love colours, ideas, approaches and beautiful looks but not at cost of saleability of your digital product. We use only the palette that’s most needed.

Do you wish to be part of this helplessly curious but level-headed team?