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Does curiosity drive you? It sure drives us. We ask a lot of questions. These questions lead to the solutions which are most relevant to your need. We work with a process methodology to keep your projects on track.

Every aspect of your idea is vital to us. We listen intently to the problems you are trying to solve. This helps us see only the best and the most relevant ideas for your online business.





Your ideas are validated by industry research. We need to reaffirm our convictions and beliefs about your digital application. This gives us a clear context and perspective, thus accelerating the process of development.

Delighting your customers is at the center of our design process. We spend a lot of time understanding the problems of your customers, their wishes and likes and dislikes. Afterall, our goal is to please this lot with the application.

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In order that your thoughts and understanding match with ours, we present you with a visual architecture of the application. We outline what would go on which page of your application and why. You get a few wireframes as a preview, so you are able to choose which of the ideas best suit your application.

Your application development at Flair doesn’t end with designs, it begins with them. Design is at the back of our minds right from the ideation stage. Our designers are trained to keep your end-users in mind when they finally sit down for the designing.





Your are looped in the development process with our standard and accepted project management processes. Our goal is to minimize errors, save your resources and yet develop a productive application. You will find our development team as your own.

Your application should face the world with confidence. Even after we have delivered the application, we are always at the ready with backups and launch plans just in case. In case of mobile apps, we are there at each stage of your app launch in a Google Play Store or Apple store.





At Flair, we strive to deliver end-to-end solutions. This means we are always available for minor fixes, application consulting, maintenance of the application etc. We take this exercise as a way to foster lasting relationship with you.

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