Meet Flair

Flair IT is an ambitious and futuristic software development company from India. Since 2008, we have built web and mobile applications that have stood the test of time and have successfully echoed with users. We have built a clientele around the world in domains such as real estate, healthcare, hospitality, logistics, travel, training, food, eCommerce to name a few. As the average attention span of an online visitor keeps decreasing each year, our technology applications have continued to penetrate deeply into the minds of users. We believe technology should set comfortably into the day-to-day lives of the consumers. Unless it’s a vital part of life, it is not a disruptive technology.

The Journey So Far

Flair IT founders have been delving in technology applications for almost two decades. The company was conceived back in 2008 but it was in the year 2011 when we truly expanded the scope of our operations.

Balancing technology expertise with business

As our operations expanded, we started approaching problems with a global perspective. This was the time we brought in a serious culture of acquiring technology knowledge through training and certifications. Initially we added five new technologies and then gradually to more. We were now a diversified team from Microsoft specialists to PHP and WordPress experts, from hands-on native mobile app developers to Hybrid app experts. We took up challenging projects over more paying ones so we could carve a niche for ourselves.

Web developers to technology partners    

Next, we adapted to changing trends more quickly and assumed the role of technology partners for our clients. We became a trusted web and mobile application solution partners for startups. We began consulting disruptive startups in product development and launch. Today our portfolio is diverse.

Our Vision

Flair IT envisions a future where technology will create a level-playing field for all businesses. We are ambitious about achieving excellence. We believe only excellent products survive market conditions.

Our Mission
  • Simple for complex

    Simplify complex problems by building easy-to-use applications.
  • Say what needs to be said

    Be transparent and honest in communication to the client. Truth saves time and regrets.
  • Build great products

    Simplify complex problems by building easy-to-use applications.
  • Charm the end user

    Keep your eyes focussed on the person who would finally use the product.
The Track Record

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